Bit Moose is a free, open source, bit/lite-coin mining assistant program. It allows miners to run under a background windows service. The package includes a GUI and console host. You can configure your miners from the GUI or modify the Settings.xml file yourself to fine tune adjustments.

Version: 1.0.0
Author: Awesomey
Donate BTC: 17psYruA7Z1m2S5zwmD8JEQyqGk8nes95V


  • Windows Vista/7 (XP Untested) or Windows Server 2003/8
  • .NET Framework 3.5


  1. Run bitmoose-gui.exe
  2. Click the menu item Service->Install
  3. Wait about 5 seconds for the status bar to show "Service Stopped".
  4. Configure your miner.
  5. On your miner, click the 'Validation' tab, and click the button to make sure it runs ok from a console.
  6. Click the menu item Service->Start
    - After the service is started, you should see your miner's output trickling into the miner's status box.
  7. Done.
    - You can now log out of windows and let your miner work behind the scenes!  


Bit Moose acts as a process controller, so it's just a matter of configuring each miner to run appropriately within the service context. The full Bit Moose release includes cgminer which can be configured to miner for litecoins using the --scrypt argument. Please read the SCRYPT-README.txt file in the cgminer folder for more information about which arguments should be passed to cgminer in order to mine for litecoins. In the full release, this can be found under {Bit Moose Folder}\miners\cgminer\.


  • On some NVIDIA cards, OpenCL doesn't detect properly in the miners when they are run from a service. I haven't found a resolution to this yet, but you may want to try changing the account the service runs under, or try adjusting some input arguments.

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